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6923 Industrial
El Paso, Texas 79915
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Fax: (915) 774-0046

2105 Aztec Road, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107
(505) 888-7585
Fax: (505) 888-7588


New Location
Serving Colorado and Wyoming

with Weil-McLain

Brant Rosten
750 Shallot Circle
Lafayette, CO 80026
(303) 666-8054
Fax: (866) 255-2692




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Plumbing Wholesale Products

Manufacturers Products

Accudor Products, Inc.

  • Access Doors

Aquaflush (Zurn Ind. Inc.)

  • Flush Valves

Aquaspec (Zurn Ind. Inc.)

  • Commercial Faucets

Bradely Corporation

  • Wash Fountains
  • Plumbing/Security/Emergency Fixtures
  • Lavatory/Shower Systems
  • Faucets
  • Washroom Accesories

Clamp-All Corporation

  • Heavy Duty Couplings and Bushings for Storm Sanitary Drain and Waste/Vent Piping Systems

Corrosive Waste Drainage Systems (Zurn Ind. Inc.)

  • Mechanical and Fusion Lock Joint Connections


  • Air Admittance Valves


  • Tankless Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters

Elkay Mfg. Co. (elkayusa.com)

  • Stainless Steel Sinks
  • Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Coolers, Fountains, and Chillers


  • Hybrid Tankless Hot Water Heater

Flow-Thru (Zurn Ind. Inc.)

  • Trench Drain Systems

Halsey Taylor

  • Water Coolers and Drinking Fountains


  • Lavatory Service Panels and Utility Controlers

Light Commercial Products(Zurn Ind. Inc.)

  • Roof/Floor Drains, Clean Outs
  • Basins/Sinks and Shower Floors
  • Grease Traps
  • Hydrants


  • Roof Pipe Supports


  • Residential Boilers

Safe-T-Comber by Hydrocowl

  • Freeze and Vandal Protective Enclosures for Backflow Prevention Assembls


  • Stainless Steel Vent Pipe and Fittings

Stern Williams

  • Mop Basin
  • Shower Floors
  • Drinking Fountains

Symmons Industries, Inc.

  • Shower/Tub Fixtures
  • Faucets
  • Related Valve/Control/Balancing Assemblies

Taco, Inc.

  • Residential Pumps
  • Hydronic Accessories
  • Controllers

Weil McLain (www.weil-mclain.com)

  • Residential: Standard and High Efficiency Cast Iron, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel Boilers, Floor and Wall Mounted, Idirect Hot Water Tanks and Finned Tube Radiation
  • Commercial: Cast Iron Sectional Boilers and High Efficiency Aluminum Boiler

Wilkins (Zurn Ind. Inc.)

  • Backflow Preventers
  • Water Pressure Reducing
  • Automatic Control
  • Temperature and Pressure Relief
  • Fire Protection
  • Irrigation
  • Pressure Ballancing
  • Ball
  • In-line Check Valves
  • Regulators
  • Vacuum Breakers
  • DiElectric Unions Wye-Type Strainers
  • Water Hammer Arresters Air Gaps
  • Thermal Expansion Tanks
  • Related Hydronic Accessories

Zurn Hydromechanics Division (Zurn Ind. Inc.)

  • Specification Drainage Products
  • Roof/Floor Dains,Traps,Primers
  • Backwater Valves
  • Interceptors
  • Water Closer/Lavatory/Urinal Carriers
  • Hydrants
  • Cleanouts
  • Water Hammer Arestors
  • Sanityr Floor Sinks

Zurn One Fixtures

  • Commercial Water Closet
  • Lavatory Urinals


  • Potable and Hydronic Pex Tubing and Accessoris